Platform for Regional Democracy

The common will of South Savo is determined through democratic process. The supreme decision making body is the Assembly of the Regional Council, consisting of 67 delegates appointed by the representatives of the constituent municipal councils for a term of office lasting four years. Even the smallest of the 14 member municipalities may appoint at least one delegate.

The executive body of the Regional Council is called the Regional Government. It has 13 members. The political constitution both of the Regional Assembly and the Regional Government must reflect the outcome of the most recent municipal elections.

The five member Board of Controllers evaluates to what extent the political goals set by the Central Council have been realized.

Regional Assembly 2013 - 2016

  • Chairman Antti Häkkänen (conservative), Mikkeli
  • 1st vice-chairman Markku Kakriainen (centre), Mikkeli
  • 2nd vice-chairman Mikko Hokkanen (socialist), Kangasniemi

Regional Government 2013 - 2016

  • President Jarkko Wuorinen (centre), Savonlinna
  • 1st vice-president Teemu Hirvonen (socialist), Savonlinna
  • 2nd vice-president Pekka Selenius (conservative), Mikkeli
  • Tanja Hartonen-Pulkka (finns), Mäntyharju
  • Marisa Hukkanen (centre), Rantasalmi
  • Markku Lahikainen (socialist), Mikkeli
  • Matti Lundenius (finns), Savonlinna
  • Kirsi Olkkonen (centre), Mikkeli
  • Anne Otranen-Silvennoinen (conservative), Savonlinna
  • Terttu Salo (socialist), Pieksämäki
  • Marianne Huoponen (socialist), Mikkeli
  • Matti Tulla (centre), Kangasniemi
  • Kaija Viljakainen (centre), Pieksämäki

Board of Controllers 2013 - 2016

  • Chairman Ilkka Paatero (conservative), Heinävesi

Office of the Regional Council

The office of the Regional Council of South Savo is led by the Executive Director. The office comprises some thirty people working in three units.