Area 19 130 km2,
Including internal waters 4 870 km2
Shoreline 30 000 km
Forests (% from area) 87,8 %
Population (31.12.2014) 151 562

Residents/land km2 11,1

>South Savo in a nutshell
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Be surprised.

South Savo – Saimaa region is a beloved home for about 152,000 residents. Clean nature, safe environment and versatile services. Good transport links to many directions, only a couple of hours’ journey from the capital.

The region comprises of three towns,11 municipalities and hundreds of villages. Activities, sightseeing and experiences are on offer for every taste, all year round.

South Savo is known for its clean and unique lake landscape. Thousands of clear-water lakes ensure that there is 200 metres of shoreline per each resident.

In addition to the gorgeous scenery, unique nature and historical sites South Savo can offer much more.

Come and visit and be pleasantly surprised!

Municipalities in South Savo.

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>South Savo in a nutshell (PowerPoint, 60 Mb)