In the Saimaa region you can live in a clean and safe environment, which provides luxurious leisure opportunites. Standard of living is high, and there are four genuinely different seasons. From the region’s vast housing offering you can easily find a suitable home, at an affordable price. Here you can truly live in a house by a lake - in the middle of a town.

Many good reasons.

More time for yourself and your family. Journeys to school, work and leisure activities are quick, easy and congestion-free.

High living standard – low price level: In the Saimaa region you can buy a house by a lake for the price of a studio apartment in Helsinki.

Job opportunities for families with children and for young people have been especially taken into account.

Varied leisure activities refresh you and create new inspirations for the working week.

Clean and unique lake landscape creates unique experiences for tourism and holiday living.

World-class cultural events enrich the quality of life and offer fantastic experiences.

Good location: The journey time from South Savo to the capital Helsinki is only a couple of hours, and connections function smoothly in all directions.

South Savo has about 38,000 detached houses, about 24,000 apartments and about 13,000 terraced houses. Every person in South Savo has average living area of 42m2. The region also has about 45,550 holiday homes.

Municipalities in South Savo