South Savo believes in the power of education and research. In addition to the environmental and material technology, education and research stress electronic services, built up environment, tourism, forests and food.

Always something new.

Safe school environment and qualified teachers create a favourable ground for successful studies. In addition to high quality basic teaching South Savo offers a versatile selection of vocational studies at all levels of education.

Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences – located in Mikkeli, Pieksämäki and Savonlinna – has 4,500 young students and dozens of researchers. Mikkeli University Consortium includes units from University of Helsinki, Lappeenranta University of Technology and Aalto University (the School of Economics International Business Candidate programme). The teacher training institute, the tourism teaching and research institute as well as training and development service Aducate are located on the campus of the University of Eastern Finland in Savonlinna.

Saimaa region also has several other seats of learning, such as Diaonica University of Applied Sciences, Bovallius Foundation, Finnish Youth Institute and diverse vocational institutes in Mikkeli, Savonlinna and Pieksämäki.

Annually about 3,500 students start studying at the higher level and the vocational level in South Savo.

Mikkeli University Consortium
Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences

Lappeenranta University of Technology

School of Economics International Business

University of Eastern Finland

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences